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Be A Guest Blogger

Page history last edited by Victor R. Volkman 11 years, 12 months ago
Irene ("The Sitting Swing") Watson brought to my notice this daily digest of blogging jobs
for online writers.  Although the pay is never huge, the exposure can be and its less effort
than struggling to build traffic on your own "home" blog as readership is already there.
In the byline, you can probably include a link to your blog/website and perhaps the
title of your book.
Today's "jobs" include a big selection of "regional" tasks as well as topic-specific tasks
check daily!

Whether you don't have enough "time" to maintain your own blog or you want to increase your market exposure, being a "guest blogger" is a great opportunity for all authors.
Robin Marvel just got a really nice piece posted on http://authorautobahn.webs.com as a guest blogger.

Read this excellent series on how to get started in the "guest blogger business"

Here's a blog related to parenting issues which is activel y seeking guest bloggers Got a kid?  Congrats you're probably a good candidate

Here's a women's issues blog

Google for "Guest Blogger Guidelines" and go nuts!

www.ParentReviewers.com is a popular site where many child and family related products are reviewed.  They often review books by our authors.  They are currently requesting more guest bloggers to write brief news, opinion, or informative (best) pieces.  Any post that might describe or normalize a child's difficult behavior would be very welcome I would think.  The only thing off-the-table is matters of religion.  LHP Author Jay Tucker has already had 3 pieces published by them.  It doesn't have to be psychoanalytical, be funny, be true, be yourself.  All of you have families so all of you are qualified to write.  Here are some samples
Suggested Topics
  * Pregnancy - From water births and epidurals to ovulation and heartburn 
  * Babies - Information on feeding, diapers, crawling, walking, talking,
  * Toddler Years - Information on nutrition, sleep schedules, potty training, growing, learning 
  * Big Kids - First trip to the school bus, missing teeth, picky eaters, and everything that comes with raising a kid
  * Tweens - Information on cyberspace, cell phones, activities, bullying, sports and all the rest
  * Teens - Tough topics like dating, taking risks, and driving, as well as the fun ones like sports and going off to college.
  * Home - Advice and ideas on organization, cleaning tips, sprucing up the house, and managing money.
  * Career - Concerns on work and career, time management, and achieving at least a balance as a parent
  * Not more than 800 words
  * No hard selling of your site or product
  * Content must be original and will not be published on another site
  * We reserve the right to edit, asked for a revision or in the worst case scenario, reject the post if it is deemed inappropriate for our readers
Benefits to Guest Poster
1. An intro of the guest poster (pre-wrtitten by guest author) will be provided for more exposure. Please
include photo of guest poster where possible.
2. A link back to the guest poster's site


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