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Linked In Tips

Page history last edited by Victor R. Volkman 11 years, 12 months ago
Linked In is good for TONS more than just maintaining your address book of family, friends,
and business contacts.

In fact, it is a great networking tool and you can find people in support groups relevant to

your books or who work in the industry/line-of-business you hope to reach (e.g. therapists,
ministers, etc....)  These people can be key decision makers and have access to media
or are prominent bloggers or columnists.



How do I do it??? 

1. Create your free profile on www.LinkedIn.com  be sure to include a good photoalong with your life history

2.  Search the groups directory for groups of interest http://www.linkedin.com/groupsDirectory

3.  Participate!  Post into the group and make contacts

Here's an example, I searched the directory for "abuse survivors"



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    NAPSAC is an association of survivors and advocates working toward the prevention of child sexual abuse. We invite all those that share our mission to join this group.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=17314494&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    Julie Perrus | 54 members | Share
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    Wintre's Wishes Foundation: An Oregon Coalition To End Child Sexual Abuse

    We are dedicated to PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ADVOCACY for survivors of sexual abuse and their supporters. We are founded by a board of directors composed of survivors of sexual abuse and supporters who are committed to ending sexual abuse and promoting social justice for our children.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=20966163&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    Janet Nees | 29 members | Share
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    Supporters of WOMAN, Inc.

    WOMAN, Inc. (Women Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent) is a domestic violence crisis agency has served the needs of women and children survivors in the Bay Area since 1978.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=5550749&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    Shelbi Elkins | 29 members | Share
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    Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse

    The Mission of Stop the Silence is to expose and stop CSA and help survivors heal worldwide.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=37223745&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    LaQuisha Hall | 12 members | Share
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    DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women's Network)

    DAWN's mission is to end domestic violence by empowering survivors and fostering communities where abuse is not tolerated.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=12055189&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    Diana OIsen | 9 members | Share
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    The Gatehouse

    The Gatehouse® reaches out to survivors of child abuse to give all survivors a place to tell their stories, to give them back their voices, to heal their wounds and to inspire them to see their own potential. This house is dedicated to this vision and this community.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=12209704&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    Darlene Brisbane | 6 members | Share
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    Atlanta Smiles Foundation

    The Atlanta Smiles Foundation helps survivors of domestic abuse reclaim their self-esteem, their sense of value, and their lives by providing dental and facial reconstruction services, giving them a smile with which to face the world.

    Owner: http://www.linkedin.com/miniprofile?vieweeID=2156408&context=nus&view" hasminipanel="false" data-tracking="mp_owner">
    David Carter | 3 members | Share
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    The Awareness Center, Inc.

    The Awareness Center is the international, Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault. W


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